Setting up your Boycott your Bed JustGiving page

A step-by-step guide for team captains

Thank you so much for choosing to do something amazing and support Action for Children! In this guide, we’ll take you through how to set up your own and your team’s JustGiving page.

Although there are a few extra steps to setting up a team page on JustGiving, using this function can help your team raise more money per person. Each team member will have their own individual page, but the funds raised will be automatically linked up with the rest of the team, contributing to the overall team target.

How did you sign up to Boycott your Bed?

I’ve signed up via a Boycott your Bed board member.

Please use the relevant location link below to set up your fundraising page:

I didn’t sign up via a Boycott your Bed board member.

If you found out about Boycott your Bed through an Action for Children campaign or communication, social media, are a member of staff, an existing supporter, please use the link below to set up your fundraising page:

Step 1. Login to JustGiving using your personal JustGiving account details.

If you are new to JustGiving, simply click ‘Sign up’ below the login box and follow the link through – then enter your details and click ‘Sign Up’.



Once logged in/signed up, the next page will ask for some information. Fill in the form as appropriate, selecting your answers and opt ins.


Important: For question 2 ‘Choose your fundraising web address’, please enter your own name into the box. Do not use your company name – this will be used later when you create the team page. If it says the web address is unavailable, try adding numbers to the end e.g. JoeBloggs2021


Step 2. Create your page.

Once the form is filled in, click the blue box ‘Create your page’.



Step 3. Make it personal

This is a preview of your page. The majority of the page has been created for you including images, an event description and a story.

Important: your page is not yet ready to share, so please ensure you continue to follow the next steps.

In the top left corner, please click the ‘Edit your page’ button.


Scroll down this page to find ‘Edit and personalise your page’ and click ‘Edit your title, target, cover photo and story’.

Please update the following:

‘Your page headline’ – Input your full name (or team name if you’re taking part with others i.e. your family) in the area as specified. For example: Joe Bloggs – Boycott your Bed 2021

‘Tell us what you are doing and why’ – personalise this as you wish, it will appear just under your headline on your page.

‘What’s your fundraising goal?’ – Input your fundraising target here.

‘Tell your supporters your story’ – we’ve included some suggested wording you can use here but feel free to personalise this section with your own motivation for taking part. The most personal pages have the best success.

‘Other participants’ – If you’re boycotting your bed with other people, such as family or friends, you can add their names here.

Once you have finished your edits, click ‘save and continue’ to return to your page.


Step 4. Set up your team page

Now you have your personal page created, you are ready to create your team page. Remember, those who set up team pages are proven to have more successful levels of fundraising.

First,  scroll down to find the ‘Create a team’ button and click.

‘Create a team’ – Next up, enter your team name. We suggest keeping it simple and using your organisation name and the city you’re based in (plus a number if you have multiple teams per location).

‘Your Fundraising’ – You’ll then be asked to confirm the charity you’re raising money for and the event you’re participating in, hit ‘continue’

‘What’s the story?’ – Provide the story behind your reason to fundraise together and add a cover photo.

Top tip: if you have a photo of the team, it’s great to use this!

In team settings:

‘Team fundraising target’ – If you know how many people will be in your team and what your fundraising target is going to be, please add it in. If you’re still finalising this, you can leave it blank, but don’t forget to come back and add it in as pages with targets are proven to raise more money! You can also increase your target at a later date.

Top tip: you can also set targets for individual team members by using the drop down.

‘Team page link’ – Input your Team page link using the format BoycottyourBed2021-Companyname. For example:

Hit ‘create your team’

Step 5. Get inviting!

Hooray! Your page is created, and you can now invite people to join your team by clicking ‘Invite team members’.

You will then have the option to invite members by WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or link.

Top tip: Don’t worry if you haven’t confirmed your teammates yet – you can return to your team page at any time to invite them. Teammates can also request to join your team by visiting the team page. 

Congratulations! Your page is ready to go.

Step 6. Kick-start your fundraising

1. Don't be afraid to share

Sharing over social media and WhatsApp can help you raise more. Don’t be afraid, people will want to hear about the incredible things you are doing.

2. Don't forget about email

There are lots of your friends, colleagues and neighbours who are not regulars on social media but would love to hear about what you are doing – good old emails are a successful method of raising funds.

3. Update your page

Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often, they will enjoy following your progress!